The Junior Kekuewa Jr. Podcast Show

The Junior Kekuewa Jr. Show from Hawaii!

Random, sometimes politically incorrect, Life Coaching based on The Law of Attraction, true stories from real-life experiences, manifestation techniques, and a little comedy! 😜
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Aloha, Junior Kekuewa Jr.
Law of Attraction Life Coach.

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Our mission is not about giving people an illusion of being a 'Star', it's about teaching young people that they can accomplish a goal, and giving them the experience to understand that they can accomplish a project and do what they love in a sensible and non-obligatory environment. We are service providers with over 40 years of experience in our field. Our prices include top-notch engineers who are musicians themselves and understand the desires and needs of our clients. A top-quality product can last a lifetime and a keepsake online for generations to come.